Bagna Cauda


Bagna Cauda is a salty, garlicy, creamy sauce that I’m sure they serve in heaven, at least my heaven.  This dish is pretty popular in my neck of the woods and everyone has their preferences.  In our house Bagna Cauda must have salted butter, fresh minced garlic, and cream.  My mother in law makes this every Christmas Eve and we all come running.  If you make this, everyone with in a half mile radius will be drooling at your stove top.


1 cup salted butter

2-2oz pkgs flat fillets of anchovies in pure olive oil

1 head of garlic pressed

1/2 pint of heavy cream

Cabbage, fresh veggies, bread for dipping


Using an electric skillet is preferable because it is easier to maintain temperature, but you can use a heavy sauce pan on the stovetop, just monitor heat closely.  Throughout this recipe maintain low heat and stir often so you do not burn the butter.


Heat skillet to 200-220 degrees, low heat, just hot enough to melt the butter.


Add 2 cans of anchovies and oil.


Stir anchovy and butter mixture continuously until anchovies are broken down.


Add pressed garlic.


Stir mixture continously, scraping the bottom, for 5 minutes so the garlic cooks.


Gradually add in heavy cream.


Stir mixture very well, until butter and heavy cream are fully incorporated, and mixture appears creamy.


Dip cabbage, fresh veggies, and bread in sauce.

Click here for printable recipe.


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